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Blades of Glory 100

Kick Some Ice

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The first 100 word drabble community for fans of the movie Blades of Glory. And because it wouldn't be fair to exclude the artists (we need more of them in BoG!), we will also accept drawbles as well!

Each week on SUNDAY a new prompt will be posted for you to write from or draw from.
1. All drabbles should be 100 words. No one is going to come after you if it's a little over or under, but do try your best to stick to the word limit. Drawbles are usually sketches drawn in 15 minutes or less, but, again, we have no way of knowing how long you actually spend. ;)

2. All drabbles must be related to Blades of Glory - any character, any pairing. Crossovers and AUs are fine, just please label them as such.

3. All ratings are allowed. Please put anything R rated or higher under a cut.

4. If your drabble/drawble contains NC-17/MA/not work safe material it MUST be locked to members of the community, be behind an lj-cut (<lj-cut text="witty title here"> POST </lj-cut>), and MUST be properly labeled. Failure to do so will result in your post being deleted and could lead to your removal from the community.

5. Please use the following header when posting:
Word Count: (100)
Summary and/or Authors Notes (if applicable):
Warnings (if applicable):

6. No flaming!!

7. No off topic posts.

8. Post for the current week's challenge only, unless you have special permission from the mod to post for an old challenge (this will only be granted in rare circumstances). You may post as many entries for the challenge as you like - either individual drabble/drawbles or interconnecting ones. If you are writing/drawing interconnecting ones, each drabble/drawble must be able to be "read" as a stand alone drabble/drawble if read on it's own (for example, don't write one big story and then randomly break it up into 100 word segments and call them interconnecting drabbles XD).

9. Regarding spoilers? We assume if you are here you have seen the movie. Therefore I see no need to warn for spoilers. :) If they make a sequel (OMGPLS!), we may need to alter this rule, but for now don't worry about them.

10. While this community is open to all ages, we ask that, if you are underage, you please be responsible and respectful of our authors/artists by not reading/viewing/commenting on (or writing yourself!) adult rated material.

Have suggestions for a weekly challenge? Leave them in the suggestion box!

Have fun!
This comm was created by severity_softly and is now moderated by enigmalea and severity_softly (if needed).