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Blades of Glory 100
Kick Some Ice
Challenge 35 
21st-Mar-2008 10:04 pm

All right, so... I know... I'm a horrible mod and a terrible person, but this coming week is spring break and I promise to do a couple of things:

  1. Redo our user info.
  2. Post challenges WEEKLY - yeah, no kidding. I'm moving the post day for Challenges to Friday - so our weeks will run from Friday to Friday. The hope is that with the excitement of weekends, I'll remember to post them.
  3. Promote our community to attract new members.
I plan on doing the same things for blades_of_glory minus the weekly challenges, though I do want to do monthly themes over there. I'll be posting tomorrow to let you guys know exactly what's going on with that. I need some sleep tonight, and a chance to get more coherent. Now... onto the fun stuff. The challenge...

Challenge 35: First Impressions

This week's challenge brought to you by: hagane_no. Just a reminder that this challenge will end March 28, 2008. If you have any suggestions for challenges, leave them here.

P.S. I've already added the challenge to the tags list so you should be able to tag your own posts.

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